About me


The focus of my work are conservation solutions that preserve the ecological integrity and the climate-stabilizing role of BC’s globally rare ancient temperate rainforests and respect Indigenous rights. We need these solutions urgently, because we cannot stabilize the climate without intact forests and we cannot save intact forests without a stable climate.

Growing up on the coast of the North Sea in West Germany, I became passionate about nature at a young age. After spending some time in the Amazon rainforest between high school and university, I was hooked on rainforests and concerned about their fate. I studied land use planning at the Technische Universität in Berlin, where I also worked for an environmental consulting firm as a student.

Prior to coming to Canada, I worked as Tropical Forest Campaigner for German environmental organization Robin Wood and engaged in market-based campaigns to convince business customers of wood products to stop buying products that originate from rainforest destruction. I also worked for two years for the German development cooperation in Nicaragua to support land use planning in the Biosphere Reserve Bosawas, the largest tropical rainforest region of Central America.

I have written numerous articles for Canadian and German newspapers and magazines about environmental issues. In my spare time I enjoy hiking and camping with my family and friends in the rainforest, mountains and on the coast. I love nature photography and I am always watching out for new perspectives of the complex natural world we live in.